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Posted by InhumanInterest - March 12th, 2019

So, if you follow my twitter then you probably noticed the post saying the status update for this month would be late. If not, then I guess this counts as informing you.

The main reason it was late may also make this one of the shorter status updates. I basically spend most of the last few weeks in incrementally more extreme crunch-time on several of my college assignments. It reached peak last week with a major project deadline and two midterms on the same day. But I'm through the pinch and hopefully that will accelerate things somewhat.

That said, it does mean there's not much to say about what has been accomplished so most of this will be what is planned for this month.

For S&W the test session had it's first round go off with very little in the way of hitches. My personal highlight was seeing people utilize the "spray and pray" mechanic resulting in someone emptying most of an automatic shotgun into a doorframe. More than points to change on the system it highlighted some changes to make to the test scenarios themselves, namely that there's a bit too much combat/skill use in them. Over the next month I should get the next part of those test sessions completed and move some more sections over to the cimpiled document. Specifically the goal is to get over to the Magic/Perks sections (the two least organized and most expansive)

For the Fanbear Sim I've made a small amount of progress fixing a bug I found where at any level above the base for the room the game would try to read non-existant employees and crash. This has been fixed by adding in the missing employee data as blanks.

For Pyg Sygn the event map is almost completed and only needs the final segment written to leave the map completed. From that the next stept is programming the script, writing the detailed narration, and illustrations.

Hopefully this month will be more productive and I won't end up quite so dead at the first of April.

Posted by InhumanInterest - February 3rd, 2019

Alright! Month two of the new system and it seems to be working well, this one will be a little more streamlined since I've already posted an introduction.

1: Shamans and Wizards is trucking right along, but, while most of the equipment section has been organized and moved to the print format there's a new delay/progress. I'm running another test session with the current version and it's resulting in my needing to make some more edits, most notably:

  • ¬†Added an occupation section
  • ¬†Adjusted the starting funds so that all characters start with a minimum of $100
  • Corrected some typos involving a mix-up between Attributes and Attribute Bonuses

So progress of a different sort is happening and that's still good.

2: In the sim game the HR system has progressed to the point that the "hiring" and "Firing" systems are working in a bare bones sort of way. Though at the moment the resume format and the text haven't been enstated so right now it's giving the choice to buy or sell employees. While that's appealing in a bitter humorous sense it's not what I'm going for so that's the next step.

3: Pyg Sygn is coming along nicely as well. I said it would be something that moved along a lot faster than the other projects and so far that's been correct. The story mapping is now a little less than halfway done. Once that step is done the next one will be to program the scene progression into the game, then the writing, and then the images and sound.

Also the early access Patreon comic is back up and running, so if you'd like that's an option available.



Posted by InhumanInterest - January 6th, 2019

So the first part is to update the status of the three ongoing projects under the Inhuman Interest banner.

1: The oldest of which is 'Shamans and Wizards' which if you were not following my tumblr is the tabletop rpg system I'm writing. Currently this project is moving between the stage of being around two dozen documents (separated by chapter and subject) to the stage of being a single document that can be printed and downloaded more readily for the next step in editing. This is also part of the second restructuring for the book as I work to make sure the single document is ledgible and doesn't do weird things like split a chapter title across two pages. This porcess is at about the 25% marker having finished the Intro, Race, Classes, and Skills sections. While normally that would be a much larger percentage the Perks, Magic, and Items sections are all less furmulaic in layout and so will take much longer to reduce down to the single document.

The next step is to run the second round of testing, while it's likely most of this will be in games run between me and gaming groups off and online it will also be available on my patreon. Though if you download the test version from that I'd ask that you let me know so that I can get feedback on any test sessions. In nomral project terms this would be Version 0.06 and this would be the Alpha testing phase.

2: The next oldest project is the business sim game. I haven't mentioned this as much before online but the game, working title 'Freddy Fanbears Pizza' is currently being assembled piece-meal. That is the individual major components are being completed separately so that coding and elements can be just pasted into the final version. At the moment the 'Bot Bay' system for managing the animatronics has been finished and, due to their simularities, the 'HR Dept' section is the new focus. Right now these are only being brought up to some rough 8-bit graphics for the alpha since most of the really important work between editions will be programming instead of graphical.

3: The third project is something on lower priority but which is still likely to finish before the others since it is lower in scale as well. It's a proof-of-concept VN called "Pyg Sygn" inspired by certain horror stories. This is currently at the stage of having the two longest story routes and the shortest route mapped out for writing and narrative structure.

I'll try to make sure to produce a monthly update like this just after the monthly Patreon comic goes up.