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Status Update 3/12/19

Posted by InhumanInterest - March 12th, 2019

So, if you follow my twitter then you probably noticed the post saying the status update for this month would be late. If not, then I guess this counts as informing you.

The main reason it was late may also make this one of the shorter status updates. I basically spend most of the last few weeks in incrementally more extreme crunch-time on several of my college assignments. It reached peak last week with a major project deadline and two midterms on the same day. But I'm through the pinch and hopefully that will accelerate things somewhat.

That said, it does mean there's not much to say about what has been accomplished so most of this will be what is planned for this month.

For S&W the test session had it's first round go off with very little in the way of hitches. My personal highlight was seeing people utilize the "spray and pray" mechanic resulting in someone emptying most of an automatic shotgun into a doorframe. More than points to change on the system it highlighted some changes to make to the test scenarios themselves, namely that there's a bit too much combat/skill use in them. Over the next month I should get the next part of those test sessions completed and move some more sections over to the cimpiled document. Specifically the goal is to get over to the Magic/Perks sections (the two least organized and most expansive)

For the Fanbear Sim I've made a small amount of progress fixing a bug I found where at any level above the base for the room the game would try to read non-existant employees and crash. This has been fixed by adding in the missing employee data as blanks.

For Pyg Sygn the event map is almost completed and only needs the final segment written to leave the map completed. From that the next stept is programming the script, writing the detailed narration, and illustrations.

Hopefully this month will be more productive and I won't end up quite so dead at the first of April.