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Nice animation and good job on the expressiveness of the characters. Interesting musical choice, it definitely flows well with the animation and does a good job carrying the modd of the whole thing.

It's been mentioned but yeah, voices were a little low, but dang the rest was crisp as all get out. It was cute, funny, and well animated. Good job all around.

That's adorable and a really nice choice in background music. It might not fit as well if this was a full-length video or montage but it definitely fits well with a simple Loop.

XxdrummerxX responds:

Well i wasn't able to get round to showing, but it was going to be music playing off the radio in the front... But truth be told i just forgot about it..... Thanks for the review!

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It's a very interesting and clever little game. I'd say the graphics could be improved, but frankly it fits very much into a stylized form that fits the game, any change there would require a major overhaul.

platformalist responds:

Hi Inhumaninterest! I'm starting to dig into more detailed graphics for my future games using Love2D and Aseprite, but I really do love PICO-8 for its use of really low-resolution graphics. I'm glad you enjoyed Winterberry, and thanks so much for playing! :)

Well that was a fun short little platformer, I really liked that it introduced some odd little strategy in balancing collection of the power-ups and the friends and the steady ramp-up of speed made for a good change of pace from normal platformer movement.

Very interesting, it's a nice straightforward platformer. The music is good an mellow which helps keep the feeling low-stress without feeling out of place. The visuals fit nicely with everything else and give the whole thing a nice warm cozy feeling.

Aprime responds:

That's good to hear! :)

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Nice! Love some strong sheepy-gals

Nice facial expression work!

Yeah, they are pretty annoying. Though I gotta say I love the idea of giving them hands on the limbs instead of feet. Makes them way more unsettling.

This should be another location both for II comics and for my art in general.


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