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So this time aside from some general updates on all the projects there's two major announcements regarding the normal webcomics and the Pyg Sygn project respectively.

I'll save those for last so to begin with, this last week had the playtest party go over one of the intro scenarios I want to compile for starting players. It consisted of searching a house haunted by the spirit of a roomba for a missing child. It was fun and went pretty well. I think it might have had more chaos with a larger or more diverse party (currently the test team is a two person party). It also gave me a chance to check some balances on saves since they were a much larger mechanic for this mission.

Fanbears has seen probably the least progress, which isn't a bad thing since there's still progress and it's one of the two longer-development projects so some slow periods are to be expected. The Interview layout is the current step. Right now what I'm addressing is the method of adding the procedurally generated interview questions in a format that allows the player to choose them and have that properly tracked by the program.

Now Pyg Sygn has had a lot of progress. I've been updating fairly often on twitter but the event map was finished and the actual programming and writing is the current process. The intro has been scripted and the first of the four major areas has been scripted. The process plan is to finish scripting on all of the game and then to go back and add in the audio-visual components. I'll also try to get the intro finished first so it can be posted as a demo.

The larger announcement for Pyg Sygn is that the project and schedule scope and the scope of all future game projects has been adjusted to include two comics per game. The idea is that each game will have a short (1-10 page/panel) intro and outro comic. For Pyg Sygn these comics will be titled Rot and Ruins respectively and will take place before and after the events in the game. The change in schedule is that now the planned date for Pyg Sygn is for a late September/Early October completion of the intro comic and the game. Regardless of that I'm planning to do the public (patreon release will be as soon as the project steps finish) releases with Rot on the first week of October, The game somewhere in the middle (Weekend of the 18th most likely), and Ruins on Halloween.

The larger announcement for the webcomic is that I'm planning to shift for to a twice a week update schedule. I'm building up a buffer first but in two weeks I'll make the shift. Next week I'll open up a poll as to what should be done with the second update (whether it should be from the same series as the other update) and the week after it I'll add the second update to the schedule.

Also for the month of September I'm going to place S&W and Fanbears on the backburner so I can focus on getting Pyg Sygn finished for Halloween.

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