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Status Update 11/30/2021

Posted by InhumanInterest - November 30th, 2021

Lost a good chunk of the month to a combination stupid workplace BS and to a depressive episode. Things seem ok now, but it definitely screwed up my productivity for a lot of the month.

S&W: Added Introduction, reformatted to 2 column for the bulk of text and with a placeholder image. I'll be following this for most of the manual I'm thinking. I know some that get designed for wider prints use three columns but I think that'll be harder to print.

Pyg Sygn: Sketched out the first of the scene transitions, I've decided to handle those as a temporary mask/foreground over the background of the new area. I also found my old files, it looked for a while like they'd been lost in the change of my hard-drive but I'd actually just forgotten where I put them, chalk it up to stupidity but that would've been basically all progress lost. Also backing up those online to avoid this in the future.

Fanny: Noted out current matrix stats for several of the rooms, if the game stores the stats for the rooms as a matrix and only references individual cells it'll be easier to export as save data and make the game more compact. Place holder room for title and menu screen done. Planning to layer the menus between a new/continue screen, and then an overall menu. That way the game loads the file with the trophy matrix and the completion record along with current restaurant stats instead of my needing to figure out how to make two separate save records.

Imp: Inked and cleaned the line art for the one of the clan pages. I'm planning to keep these as low contrast monochrome in the background behind the text. It means none of the glamor shots of larger RPG's but it also avoids the pages looking bland or blank.

Oscar Helios: Small work on chapter 2, only 600 words but see intro to this update.

PPP: Wrote the description for the various stats.

So yeah, November can eat a bag of bloody garbage and I'm glad to see its backside. I'm hoping to see December sucking a little less.


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